Photo Credit: Aleah Clark

Serita Fontanesi, MSW, advocates for Black liberation by centering the experiences of Black women and femmes. Through the use of practical and mystical tools, Serita disrupts old ways of thinking, creating space for innovation and success.

Her background in issue advocacy and electoral politics has provided Serita with a deep understanding of how organizations and systems impact the day-to-day lives of both their constituents and staff. Serita’s ability to think big picture while also being detail-oriented provides her with a unique perspective. Through conversation, collaboration, and innovation, Serita identifies systemic pain points so that teams can transform strife into success.

Working with Serita means digging deep to explore your shadow, the parts that have been continuously ignored. It won’t always feel comfortable, but it will always be respectful and compassionate. Serita strives to see each individual fully, honor their unique experiences, and serve as a guide to truth and understanding.


Serita received her Master in Social Work in 2019 from the University of Southern California. Her studies emphasized social change and innovation. In 2012, she graduated from Occidental College with a Bachelor’s in Costume Design. She has also learned from top-tier facilitators and training programs such as LBJ Women’s Campaign School, Spirit Garden Tarot, Kirah Tabourn, and Arena Academy just to name a few.