“I wasn’t planning on being politically engaged this year, but your persistence and enthusiasm is inspiring.” – PS

“I appreciate not only your thoughts about how to approach but also having the ‘space’ to believe that this passion matters and could be real. Thank you for understanding and encouragement.” – LW

“Your reputation far precedes you, and I doubt there’s a Democratic operative in the state who isn’t familiar with the incredible work you do.” – SM

“I am so warmed by your brilliance and energy. I’m impressed by how present and thoughtful you are able to be about your work. Truly in awe of you.” -BB

“You’re very good at what you do. But you probably already know that.” -GF


“You were outstanding and fired up so many of our organizers!” – MS

“You were so informative and I know it really motivated and energized our organizers to run for office!” -MR


“We were talking about really hard things and I appreciate that Serita created a non-judgemental atmosphere. Serita’s ability to make the reading “user friendly” and understandable.” – SK

“The aha moments we were helped to achieve to bridge the gap between magical & ‘the mainstream’ selves” – SH

“It felt truly connected to me and I to the universe! Beyond the connection, I felt so validated. The validation is something I really needed to take the first steps in giving it to myself and for that, I can’t thank you, your gifts, and our guides enough!” – KC

“I most enjoyed Serita’s ability to make the reading ‘ user-friendly’ and understandable.” – AC

“Serita is a true healer. Her ability to tap into what’s going on in someone’s life is really amazing. Every time she’s read my cards, I’ve felt so much lighter after — Serita has helped me get clarity around a lot of different aspects of my life. I also highly recommend Serita for reiki… her hands are MAGIC and the tingly sensation as she’s moving the energy in your body is incredible… she’s given me almost instant relief for headaches, and brought me to tears working with some heavy emotions stuck in my body. Highly recommend to anyone seeking improved clarity and peace in their life!” – KW

“Serita is warm, open, and kind. She took time to explain everything (I’ve done an Akashic record and tarot reading) and helped me feel so at home with the work. Also, Serita’s work is ON POINT. The records, as well as tarot cards, were 100% spot on.” – KM

“The tarot session worked very well. You have a powerful way of communicating the meaning of the cards so that they serve as tools for healing, which is exactly why I seek out tarot. During my reiki session, I envisioned myself hugging myself during the meditation, and I’ve called that image back to me a few times since the session. Overall, fantastic.” – RS

“Serita actively listened to my story and experiences and empathized. Serita was able to translate the cards she pulled to a language I understood.” – CS

“The guided meditation was incredible. Your voice is so calming and the pictures you painted for me were so specific and helpful in seeing myself as part of a greater universe and as an individual connected to everything else.” – SB