Thank you, next

On August 5th I’m having a myomectomy to remove my fibroids. Here’s my goodbye to them. To support my recovery, click here.

Dear fibroids,

Goodbye. Adios. Sayonara. I will not miss you. You can fuck right on off. You have caused me so much pain, misery, and grief. You have messed up so much stuff. I cannot stress enough how much I will not miss you.

You’re so fucking selfish. You’re literally a leech; stealing my life force, growing where you don’t belong, crowding out what belongs. You’re more than a weed growing in my garden. You’re a monster taking over my life. All I think about is you. I plan around you and your needs. I make decisions based on what you have to say. I constantly ignore what I want so that you are appeased.

Well, that’s ending now. No more. We’re done. I am done pushing aside my wants, desires, and needs. When I say goodbye to you, I am not only saying goodbye to physical pain, I am also saying goodbye to emotional hurt. You are a physical manifestation of trauma and self-betrayal. You are a loud reminder of what I have worked incredibly hard to heal. Having you removed not only means physical comfort, but also an emotional release. I am finally putting down the baggage I’ve been carrying for so long.

Thanks for making me learn how to advocate for myself. Thanks for forcing me to be honest about my experience. Thanks for teaching me how uncomfortable, painful even, it is when I can’t fully take up the space that is rightfully mine.

Thanks, I guess. But also, see ya never.



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